As a Member, You Choose Who Leads

TEA Vice President Runoff... closes May 4, 4 PM PST

Vice President: Release time as needed, assists the president with duties necessary to running the association and serving members.

  • Mark Craypo: I am running for TEA Vice President because I believe that the purpose of the Tacoma Education Association (TEA) is to support everyone at Tacoma Public Schools. I know I can be a strong and reliable support to the entire organization. If elected I pledge that I will be a part of building the next generation of leadership in TEA. I want to help others in the membership to be future leaders.

jillianJillian Gutierrez: I’m Jillian Gutierrez. I am a kindergarten teacher at Lyon Elementary and currently serving as your TEA Secretary. I bring with me experience on the Executive Board and as chair of the Nominations and Elections committee. I serve as the co-chair of my buildings SCDM. I bring experience and knowledge from the NEA Women and Minority Leadership trainings. I care about our union values, I care about your rights and making sure that we protect them.

Congratulations! As members, you have elected the following delegates for the National Education Association Representative Assembly (June 30-July 5, 2018 Minneapolis). IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER:

  • Shannon Ergun [Mt. Tahoma]
  • Derryl Finney [Foss]
  • Kathy Georgetti [Birney]
  • Sara Ketelsen [Lincoln]
  • Patricia Leo [Foss]
  • Yao Lieu [McCarver]
  • Jean Lubken [Foss]
  • Wanda Moore [CAB]
  • Marilyn O-Malley-Hicks [Substitute]
  • Michelle Pigott [McCarver]
  • Ana Romero [Larchmont]
  • Grant Ruby [Lincoln]
  • Tina Taylor [Bryant]
  • Kathy Woodard [Wilson]

Congratulations to our delegates.  Alternates will be notified upon availability in order of number of votes.