Constitution and Bylaws Proposals

TEA members can submit a written proposal to the Constitution and By Laws Committee by following these steps:

Step 1:  Submit your proposal to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee including the following information:

  1. Author's Name, Position and Building
  2. Author's Home email address
  3. Date of submission
  4. Is this an amendment or new language?
  5. Statement of impact or purpose and its alignment with TEA's mission and vision.
  6. Is there a budgetary impact?
  7. Provide your proposal, underlining any new language and strike-throughs for removed language.
  8. Email completed proposals to 

Step 2:  The Constitution and Bylaws Committee will consider your proposal at the next meeting for integration with existing language, intent, feasibility, and ask any necessary questions of the originators.

Step 3: The Executive Board will consider the amendment and recommend Pass or Do Not Pass.

Step 4: The proposal will be passed to the membership for a vote at the next AR meeting.  If not approved, the Executive Board shall notify the originator with a rationale.